Risk Management

Tiling the Odds

In terms of underlying fundamentals, our portfolio companies emerged from the 2022 bear market generally less affected, and in many cases, stronger.

Security Selection

Research and proprietary sourcing, screening, and diligence are the most important risk management tools, as we look for companies that meet our investment criteria and strong fundamentals.

Close Monitoring

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Annual review of all investment to discuss relative risk/reward for each stock. If a stock’s fundamentals have deteriorated, we may trim the position or remove it from the portfolio.

Global Macro Exposure Adjustment

During times of sustained bear markets or recession (e.g. 2000-2002, 2008, 2022), the Fund may choose to remain cautious & move into significant amounts of cash/shorts until strong economic fundamentals resume.

Reduced Jurisdiction Risk

Reduced jurisdiction risk as the companies are primarily domiciled in North America and operational oversight provided from: legal counsel, fund administrator, auditor, and prime broker.

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