The fund analyzes investment ideas by developing hypotheses, then seeking evidence to prove or disprove them.

Development of Investment Thesis

One of the co-founders, Mark Bennett, studied corporate strategy and industry dynamics at University of Cambridge, allowing him to recognize the characteristics of growth companies. The fundamental question examined in the academic graduate school program was exploring why one firm should outperform others.

The targeted companies that are followed and invested in are outstanding companies with a market leading product advantage that solve a real need that customers in their industry have a continued accelerating demand for. Many of the selected companies have a technological component which help them scale faster.

Applying theory to practice, he sourced and made a private later-stage software investment that achieved a forty-five fold increase in valuation and a compounded annual growth rate of nearly 45% within a 10 year period. CAGR Growth enjoys good methods and instincts when making investment selections.

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